Orlando Divorce Attorney Deborah Cook
Deborah A. Cook, P.A.

Commit your time and energy to the people who will remember that you made a difference.

My life-long passion is families.  As a Marriage and Family counselor, I have provided help to families in conflict for over thirty years.  After spending time raising my children and caring for my parents, I decided to go to law school. I transferred my talent helping families to the exclusive practice of Family Law Matters.

I love helping people become self-assured and take control of their life. I am an excellent listener and straight forward communicator- maybe too straight forward at times. I work hard for my clients in an effort to restore balance and happiness in their lives.

In matters of Divorce

Although I love the organization it takes to take a case to trial, it is my preferred practice to help my clients resolve issues before relying on the court to decide their family’s fate.  As a skilled legal counselor and licensed mediator, I understand and appreciate the power it provides my client to determine his/her own future. 

However, we are never able to control the temperament of the other party and there are times when there is no way to agree without the help of the court. If a trial is our only option I am prepared, organized and gifted to tell your story to the judge.

In matters of Probate

Probate is a family matter.  It requires good listening skills and attention to detail.  Sometimes dealing with family matters at the end of life are complicated.  Bringing families together to understand the process means exercising frequent communication.

Planning your will and estate is equally important to me. I know from personal experience that your family will appreciate your attention to detail and I enjoy discussing your intentions and making them a reality. I always encourage families to talk about the plans you have made; you would be surprised how much that can mean to generations.

I have always been an active member of the Central Florida community. I grew up here. I have perfected the art of being a professional volunteer and provided countless hours to organizations such as the Orange County Public Schools, Episcopal Counseling Center, College Park Neighborhood Association, Boy Scouts of America and Citrus Counsel for Girl Scouting. Currently, I focus the majority of my time practicing law because it is as much a hobby as it is a job to me. I am a member of Orange County Bar Association, Central Florida Association of Women Lawyers, The Elder Law Committee, Family Inn of Court and the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida.  I participate in many leadership roles in these organizations.