Providing Mediation Attorney Services in Orlando, Florida

Mediation is a way for divorcing couples to set their own goals and expectations for the future without going to court. You can make your own decisions regarding your finances, your children and your future. My gifts that I bring to the table in Mediation are the ability to listen well, discern and diffuse conflict and think creatively to draft an agreement that is lasting.

Mediation is Informal

With the help of a skilled “third party” called a mediator, you can be as creative and resourceful to resolve the issues of your divorce, financially and emotionally.  Although there are required documentation and disclosure of your marital assets, you can determine the best way to make distributions of your assets, liabilities and any future spousal support.

Mediation is Confidential

Confidentiality is important to some couples.  There are no court reporters or communications that are shared with the court, except where disclosure is required by law.

Mediation is based on Self Determination

Does the word “self determination” make you feel like you are in control? There are many things about divorcing that makes you feel out of control. It is a good feeling to think that you have control over your future.  This does not mean that you get everything that you want.  It does mean that you agree to give and get everything that you need.

Mediation is Enforceable

In mediation a settlement agreement is reduced to writing and signed by both parties and their counsel, if represented. The agreement is filed with the court and it is enforceable. 

Good preparation leads to a good agreement and a good agreement is one that you can live with the rest of your life

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