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Family Law & Mediation Services

Parenting Plan in Orlando, Florida Image

Parenting Plan in Orlando, Florida

Shared Parenting, Timeshare, Child Support, and Other Relief When parents separate or divorce, they need a game plan...

Paternity in Orlando, Florida Image

Paternity in Orlando, Florida

Do I need a lawyer? Yes, you do. I understand that you know you are the father. Your name may already be on the birth...

Consultations in Orlando, Florida Image

Consultations in Orlando, Florida

Consultations Family practice encompasses many aspects of the law. Google should be your friend. Search the internet...

Collaborative Divorce in Orlando Image

Collaborative Divorce in Orlando

Collaborative Family Lawyer in Orlando, Florida Deborah A. Cook, P.A. is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group...

Guardianship in Orlando, Florida Image

Guardianship in Orlando, Florida

Guardianship Lawyer A Guardianship provides for care of a person (called a Ward) that is unable to care for...

Probate in Orlando, Florida Image

Probate in Orlando, Florida

Probate Attorney Guiding you through Probate Family life is about beginnings and endings. Very small estates can be...

Mediation Law in Orlando, Florida Image

Mediation Law in Orlando, Florida

Mediation Services I am a Certified Florida Mediator in Civil and Family matters. I have a master’s degree in Family...

Modification of Parenting Plan Image

Modification of Parenting Plan

Modification of Parenting Plan Florida Statutes allow modification of Parenting Plans, Child Support and some Alimony...

Central Florida Divorce Law Services Image

Central Florida Divorce Law Services

Central Florida Divorce Law Services Ending your marriage is a big decision. You need the guidance of a skilled attorney...

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