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Guardianship in Orlando, Florida

Guardianship in Orlando, Florida

Guardianship Lawyer

A Guardianship provides for care of a person (called a Ward) that is unable to care for themselves.

The need for a guardian is as unique as each individual who needs guardianship care. Sometimes it is the care for an aging parent, or it is for the care of a child, or an adult with disabilities or mental illness.

Guardianship can be for a Person, Property or Both.

Whether a person is competent to care for themselves, to care for their finances and property is a decision for the court to make based on professional evaluation of competency. There are circumstances when temporary or permanent guardianship is in the best interest of an individual.

A Guardian can be a Family or Non-Family Member.

All guardians are required to participate in training to understand the duties and responsibilities of a guardian. Annual Reports are required by the court to review the needs of the Ward and assure that the guardianship is the least restrictive form to assist the Ward in having a full and independent life as possible.

Why do I need a Lawyer?

Probate rules and regulations are designed to insure that the Ward is able to participate as fully in their life as they are able. My gift is helping guardians discern realistic benefits and liabilities in the duties of guardianship and to act as a guide through the probate process.

To get more help you may like to check out the Central Florida Guardianship Chapter website at https://www.floridaguardians.com/chapters/central-florida/.

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