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Modification of Parenting Plan

Modification of Parenting Plan

Modification of Parenting Plan

Florida Statutes allow modification of Parenting Plans, Child Support and some Alimony payments. To modify an agreement the Florida Statute requires that you are able to show a substantial, unanticipated, and involuntary change in circumstances.

Once you have an agreement, any kind of agreement, you can become more alert to its flaws. Parenting Plans are a great example. As your children grow, they have different needs. Just the fact that your children grow is not unanticipated. If you cannot agree on changing the parenting plan voluntarily, and the court needs to intervene, you must prove the change is substantial, unanticipated and involuntary to change a parenting plan.

Child support is always modifiable under Florida law as long as the change would be at least 15% or $50.00, whichever is greater. This includes any previous child support order from divorce, paternity, or child support established by the Department of Revenue.

Alimony can be modifiable in Florida. Google Florida Statute 61.14. Most types of alimony are modifiable so long as they were ordered in the initial divorce decree, you must prove that there is unexpected, involuntary, and substantial change in circumstances that effects the former spouse’s ability to pay, or the former spouses need for alimony.

Deborah Cook is skilled at helping families identify the changes that are useful in challenging a previous order for child support, alimony or timeshare.

Modifying a previously ordered parenting plan, timeshare schedule, child support, or certain types of alimony can be necessary. This can usually be accomplished without protracted, costly litigation.

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