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I, Deborah A. Cook, am a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida and Project One. Collaborative family law provides a way to resolve family law disputes without going to court. In this approach, a team of professionals works with clients to reach a mutually acceptable agreement while considering the interests and needs of both clients. When the clients have minor children, the children’s needs can also be closely protected as clients come together as co-parents to develop a plan for the family to move forward.

A Collaborative Divorce Is Therapeutic

Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? How can a divorce be therapeutic when it wreaks havoc on your self-esteem? There really are times when a divorce is the only right thing to do. Collaborative divorce involves the helping skills of a financial professional, a mental health professional and your legal counsel.

A Collaborative Divorce Is Less Expensive Than A Court Trial

Although you have a multiteam discipline, collaborative divorce is less expensive than a protracted divorce. Imagine having advice from a financial professional to help you see how your money matters will work for you after your divorce. Plus, all marriages have emotional baggage, the mental health professional can help you leave the baggage behind. Central Florida offers a One Case Collaborative Project for families of modest means. Be sure to ask me about it.

A Collaborative Divorce Is Healthy For Families

Divorce affects families no matter the ages of the children. In a collaborative atmosphere, you can discuss your hopes for the future of your family because although you will change your marital status, you will never change your joint hopes for your children.

A Collaborative Divorce Is Confidential

Your family business is only your business. A collaborative divorce is the most confidential process available for divorcing couples. The information filed with the court is limited by the terms of the collaborative process.

A Collaborative Divorce Can Be Quicker

The added professionals involved in a collaborative divorce can address issues that are often protracted in the regular process of divorce. Additionally, the professionals are intentional, holding every working professional accountable to be productive with your time, your life and your money.

Considering This Divorce Approach?

Visit the central Florida website http://www.cfl-cfl.com/ for more information about collaborative divorce in the central Florida area. Then, connect with me to learn whether this approach is right for your situation. As a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida and One Case Collaborative Project, I work to help families with modest incomes to afford a collaborative divorce experience.

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