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Orlando Family Law Attorney, Deborah Cook has a lifetime of experience helping families. Deborah handles cases in the following areas:

Parenting Plan in Orlando, Florida Image

Parenting Plan in Orlando, Florida

Shared Parenting, Timeshare, Child Support, and Other Relief When parents separate or divorce, they need a game plan...

Paternity in Orlando, Florida Image

Paternity in Orlando, Florida

Do I need a lawyer? Yes, you do. I understand that you know you are the father. Your name may already be on the birth...

Consultations in Orlando, Florida Image

Consultations in Orlando, Florida

Consultations Family practice encompasses many aspects of the law. Google should be your friend. Search the internet...

Collaborative Divorce in Orlando Image

Collaborative Divorce in Orlando

Collaborative Family Lawyer in Orlando, Florida Deborah A. Cook, P.A. is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group...

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Guardianship in Orlando, Florida

Guardianship Lawyer A Guardianship provides for care of a person (called a Ward) that is unable to care for...

Probate in Orlando, Florida Image

Probate in Orlando, Florida

Probate Attorney Guiding you through Probate Family life is about beginnings and endings. Very small estates can be...

Mediation Law in Orlando, Florida Image

Mediation Law in Orlando, Florida

Mediation Services I am a Certified Florida Mediator in Civil and Family matters. I have a master’s degree in Family...

Modification of Parenting Plan Image

Modification of Parenting Plan

Modification of Parenting Plan Florida Statutes allow modification of Parenting Plans, Child Support and some Alimony...

Central Florida Divorce Law Services Image

Central Florida Divorce Law Services

Central Florida Divorce Law Services Ending your marriage is a big decision. You need the guidance of a skilled attorney...

Family Matters

When your family is at risk, you are facing some of the most complicated and confusing choices. You need to know your rights and responsibilities. This is a time to consult a skilled family attorney. If you are interested in moving forward in the most positive way, call Attorney Deborah Cook. We can help you get there together.

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Deborah is extremely knowledgeable and professional! She was able to help me with my situation and made me feel comfortable and empowered. Which gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my legal matter. Highly recommended to anyone In need of family law service’s.

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David Pollack

Absolute professional. Deborah took her time to consult me rather than sell me. I absolutely appreciate the time she took out of her day to give me sound advice on how to move forward, without the pressure of having to commit on the spot. She is definitely my first choice moving forward.

 Testmonial Avatar

Christina Calderon

Deborah is very informative and makes sure you aren’t left with questions or any uneasy feelings. She has made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision as I go through my current process.

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Pete McMillin

“Deborah came highly recommended! She learned to read my expectations and provided exactly what I’d asked, if not more. Thanks to her diligence a protracted divorce process (during which the previous attorney was fired) finally concluded.”

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How does Florida divide property in a divorce?

The first step is to identify all assets and debts as marital and non-marital. Usually, marital are those that are acquired during the marriage and non-marital are acquired before the marriage or after filing for divorce. Next is to determine the value at the time of filing for each asset and debt. Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means the assets and debts will be divided equally. In most cases, with the help of an attorney, the husband and wife are able to divide their assets and liabilities fairly, to where each spouse is walking away with an equal chance to start their life as a single person. Through mediation, collaboration or wise guidance, couples can do this without a court appearance. When spouses are unable to come to a complete agreement about the assets, liabilities or family matters the court steps to make those decisions based on Florida case law. The majority of family cases do not need the intervention of the courts.

What are the grounds for divorce or dissolution of marriage in Florida?

There are two grounds for divorce in Florida. Florida is a “no fault” state, the reasons for the breakdown in your marriage has no effect on the outcome of your dissolution. The grounds for the majority of divorces is called “irretrievable broken.” This means that no one is blaming the other for the breakdown of the marriage. There is one other grounds for divorce and it is rarely used. If your spouse is mentally incapacitated for a period of three years or greater, you are able to file for divorce. The state of Florida does not recognize cruelty or adultery as grounds for divorce. If you have inquiries, contact us..

How does the court determine child custody?

Many factors are considered when the courts determined the child custody, one thing is for sure, the decisions you make for timeshare and parental responsibility should be in the best interests of your child. If the parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan together, the court will establish a parenting plan by using the “factors” found in Fla. Statute 61.13. It is important to know that the best interests of the children supersede the desires or interests of the parents. The State of Florida encourages a positive relationship with both parents. For inquiries, contact us. We are more than willing to assist you. .

How is child support determined?

The state of Florida follows guidelines in determining child support. Florida has an “Income Shared Model” and it is what the courts use for determining child support. Both parents’ income is expected to contribute to the care and welfare of the children. A formula is used to divide the incomes fairly to replicate the life the family could provide before the divorce. Child-care costs and the cost of health insurance for the children are relevant factors too. Florida 61.30 is the statute that also guides the court in knowing the amount of child support. For more information, call us.

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