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Ending your marriage is a big decision. You need the guidance of a skilled attorney to help you know your rights and responsibilities. If there are children involved, the legal system can be confusing and complicated. This is an emotional time because it involves your family, your financial security and your self-esteem.

I am Deborah Cook, a skilled family counselor and divorce attorney serving the central Florida area. I combine my experience in family dynamics and personal counseling with knowledge of the law. It is not necessary to exhaust your financial resources to get a divorce. I want to help you find what is best for you and your family without creating the added burden of a financial crisis.

Divorce In Florida Is Called Dissolution Of Marriage

Nothing worth having is easy. So, if you are in the process of an unhappy marriage, dissolving your marriage may be just what you need. The length of your marriage, your children, the amount of assets and liabilities you have and owe are all issues of your marriage that need to be sorted out before you are officially divorced.

Who Gets Custody Of The Child?

There is no such word as “custody” in Florida Family Law. The amount of time your child spends with either parent is called “timeshare.” If you have children together, your children are the most important asset you have accrued in your marriage. All your plans for the present and the future for your children depend on your understanding and embracing the concept that all decisions regarding the children need to be made in the best interest of the child.

What About Child Support?

Child support is determined after you have agreed on the timeshare plan. Timeshare must be agreed upon before child support can be determined. It is calculated based upon the income of both parents, the child care costs, health care expenses and the amount of time the child spends with each parent. The state of Florida prefers that child support is paid through an income withholding order on a monthly basis and distributed to the parent who needs it through the state of Florida Disbursement Unit.

How Do We Divide Our Things?

Every marriage accrues some property, assets and debts. The rule of thumb is 50/50. But it is not unusual for one party to have different interests from the other party. For example, you may want to stay in the house, and in return, you are willing to give up some other asset in order to divide things more evenly.

Can I Get Alimony?

That is a good question. Alimony depends on the length of your marriage, the need of the spouse who earns less money and the ability to pay from the party who earns more money. This is a harder question to answer because there are a lot of changes expected in the Florida legislature. Google the terms “Florida alimony” and learn as much as you can about your specific situation.

Know Your Rights

Do not let anyone bully you or make you too afraid. One of the best reasons for having a lawyer is to help you know your rights and responsibilities as you go through the process of dissolving your marriage. You will pick a lawyer based upon your personality and the way you handle conflict. If you are a peacemaker, you may want an attorney who believes in the process of mediation and negotiation. If you are unable to get peaceful about the ending of your marriage, you may want an attorney who can explain your needs in a trial to a judge in a logical manner.

When you retain my services, I will help you to understand the legal system, saving you time, aggravation and legal fees. The more you know, the more you participate, the more satisfied you will be with your results.

When you consult with me, you have the chance to work with a lawyer who is:

  • Licensed to practice law
  • A trained collaborative attorney
  • A certified family and civil circuit mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida
  • A marriage and family counselor

I am a member of the Florida and Orange County bars, the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers, and the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida.

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