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What My Clients Say About My Services

“Deborah is extremely knowledgeable and professional! She was able to help me with my situation and made me feel comfortable and empowered, which gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my legal matter. Highly recommend to anyone in need of family law services.” – Ozzie

“Absolute professional. Deborah took her time to consult me rather than sell me. I absolutely appreciate the time she took out of her day to give me sound advice on how to move forward, without the pressure of having to commit on the spot. She is definitely my first choice moving forward.” – David Pollack

“Deborah is very informative and makes sure you aren’t left with questions or uneasy feelings. She has made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision as I go through my current process.” – Christina Calderon

“Deborah came highly recommended! She learned to read my expectations and provided exactly what I’d asked, if not more. Thanks to her diligence, a protracted divorce process (during which the previous attorney was fired) finally concluded.” – Pete McMillin