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Divorce is Stressful

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Divorce is Stressful


The stress of divorce is a painful journey for the children too no matter what age they might be.  It is important that your children know that they are not the reason for your divorce.

It is not unusual for a child of any age to wonder, “if I had been a little bit better, would my parents still be together?”  Or “if I show them how upset I am, will my parents get their act together and stay together?

You know that a divorce in an adult decision, the break down is between the husband and the wife.  Marriage and divorce is a two-party relationship, it does not include the children.

Whether your children are preschoolers or adults living on their own. You, as the parent, are the leader.  It is your job to provide honest communication.  It is your position to ensure their security in your love. It is your job to set your boundaries of acceptable behavior.


Look for ways to demonstrate your strength to your children, to teach them that when thing are unpredictable and frightening that you do your best to deal with each circumstance, and despite your adversity everyone- you and the children -will be alright.

Communicate in words, communicate in actions, and communicate your love.