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Living Will and Health Care Surrogate

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Living Will and Health Care Surrogate

Planning for your family’s future

I am going to die. You are going to die. It is an inevitable part of living.

My parents died of cancer in their early sixties.  Way too early and way too young. Cancer does not discriminate, cancer can happen to any one. I can say that Cancer can create a valuable end of life experience.  There is time to say good bye and “I love you,” there is time to talk and understand and impart last stories.  And there is time to plan.

My in-laws are aging and I am learning about another way of dying, Alzheimer’s.  The incapacity to remember and the inability to plan.

There are four important documents for every family.

1. A Florida conformed will, signed, witnessed by two parties and notarized. A hospital napkin will not suffice.

2.  A Living Will to specify directions to use for life prolonging procedures.

3    A Designated Health Care Surrogate to designate a person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself.

4.   A Durable Power of Attorney, for your designated relative or friend to care for your finances and decision making in case you are unable to make those decisions on your own.